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IEP Action Kit



The busy parents' guidebook to make sure the IEP effectively addressess your child's needs and long-term goals




A busy parent's guide to maximizing a year's worth of progress, ace your child's next IEP meeting

What would it mean for your family if you could have awesome IEP Meetings?

find your expert parent voice for your child's IEP meeting

"IEPs are overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone! 

I’m here for you. 

I’ll walk you through the definitions of each IEP section 

so you can be crystal-clear about what every decision 

means for your child’s education. From writing the most 

effective annual goals and objectives, to getting 

evaluated for special related services, I’ll explain to 

you how to best advocate for your child.  


I’ve condensed information from dozens of IEP books 

and 7 years of experience into immediately actionable steps for you, because you're a busy parent. 

Let me help you take the confusion and overwhelm OUT of IEPs.

It's written specifically for parents to understand the ins and outs of what each IEP decision will mean for your child. 


.....And, let's face it. 

No one has the time to read a 400 page book about it. 


I've condensed dozens of books and years of experience down to the 60 pages of the most imortant things parents need to understand. 


Save youself the time, headaches and heartaches. And get yourself the peace of mind and confidence of successfully advocating for your child. 



What Happy Parents Are Saying...

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