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Feel like you're talking to a wall? 
Learn the simplest way to advocate for your child's needs - without feeling like the IEP team ignores you. 


In this easy checklist, you'll check off the exact preparation steps and action steps you need to take to maximize your input as a parent at the meeting. You'll make sure the IEP addresses the biggest concerns you have for your child. Remember, YOU are the expert of your child, so find your voice make teachers actually listen to you.


  • EXACTLY what to do Before, During, and After the IEP meeting

  • The most important questions to ask during the PLOP, Goals andObjectives, Services + Accommodations

  • The most effective way to address your disagreements with the IEP Team

  • Make sure goals are objective and measurable for consistent growth

  • Beautifully designed checklist to keep you engaged and motivated

This simple pre-meeting checklist will show you exactly what to say to stand up for your child, and finally be taken seriously by teachers. 

So, how do I get the IEP Meeting Checklist?

Is it really free?


Just sign up using your: 

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Just click "Get it!" below, and enter your name and email in the pop up. Your IEP Meeting Checklist will be instantly emailed to you.

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