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 Better Grades, Guaranteed. 


Imagine your child excitedly shouting "Mom! I LOVE MATH!" 

Didn't think you'd ever hear those words? Well, I'll make it possible. 


Are you tired of helping with math homework everyday? Across the board, MATH is the most requested tutoring service. It's a challenging subject for many students. And it can be especially hard for students with special needs.


Plus, haven't you noticed your child's math homework is getting harder, and harder?

The Common Core is asking different questions than how YOU learned them. Frustrating isn't it?


Lucky for you and your child, math is my FAVORITE subject.

As a special education math teacher, I've had great success teaching student (even students who "HATE" math) improve their: 

  • Grades

  • Confidence 

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Independence 

  • Studying and Test Taking Skills. 


I even led our team of student Mathletes to a proud Second Place in a city-wide math competition. Hey, we even beat out the two best private schools in the state!


So go ahead, take some load off your plate! You have enough things to worry about.


I'll take it from here. 


What would it mean for your child to have better grades, more confidence in their abilities as a scholar, independence, and better test scores?


And what would it mean for you to have more time and peace of mind? 


Let's get started. 




Math Tutoring for Students in Grades 4 - 10


I will work directly with your child (you can sit in on our sessions too!) on any subject including:


  • Homework

  • Testing Taking Strategies

  • Study Habits



  • Number Sense

  • Computational Fluency

  • Mental Math

  • Solving Word Problems

  • Algebraic Reasoning 

  • Spacial Reasoning 




  • Math (Grades 4-10)

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra

  • Algebra 2

  • Geometry

How this works

1)  We will begin with a 30-min consultation call to go over:

  • What your child is struggling with

  • Goals

  • Informal learning style assessment


2)  We will meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks

      * Webinar guests will have 8 weeks!

  • Each session is held 60 minutes long

  • Each session is held on Skype  

  • During each session, we can go over homework, previous tests/quizzes, or we can do personalized math lessons

  • Each session ends with an action plan for the following week (tailored to each student's particular needs)


3)  At the end of 6 weeks, we will have a final 30-min call with you, the parent to summarize the progress made.

     I will provide you with stategies you can employ at home so you can maximize the gains we made together and            continue to see progress and improved grades. 



What Parents Are Saying

Ready To Get Started?

Your Investment for 6 Weeks: $400

For Webinar Guests, get 8 weeks for $400 (until Feb 21)


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