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The Power Session

Do you have a specific concern you want to resolve?  


The Power Session provides a targeted, immediate solution to your 1 most pressing need or problem.

We’ll have one month together to pinpoint your needs, develop an action plan, and locate the resources you need. We will work on one goal, be it Academic, Behavioral, Social, or Family Related.

At the 30-day mark, we’ll have a follow-up session to make sure you can keep it up and be successful on your own. 


You will have two 30-min phone calls + one 1-hour phone call and four personal emails with me. 

Need help with any of these issues? 

I'll help you develop strategies that get results with laser-targeted strageies customized for your child. 


  • Reading Comprehension

  • Pre-Reading - (phonological awareness and phonemic awareness)

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Writing (Grammar and convention, pre-writing strategies)

  • Math (computation, number sense, concepts)

  • Homewok 


  • Sharing

  • Doing homework

  • Non-violent tantrums,

  • Compliance

  • Cooperation

  • Creating good routines



  • Sharing

  • Being a "good sport"

  • Tattle-tales

  • Argumentative with peers

  • Keeping friends

  • Finding time

  • Sibling issues

  • Stress

  • Creating good

30-Minute Consultation

You will start off with a 30-min consultation with the Special Learning Teacher. 


We'll take the time to get to know your child's current situation, your most pressing questions and concerns, and the one Big Goal you want to achieve with your child. 


This consultation will lay the groundwork for our work together. Think of it as a questionnaire, but no writing required!


One-on-One Virtual Strategy Session

We will hop on a 60 minute phone conversation after the initial consultation. (We can Skype as well)


We’ll dive deeper into your specific challenges for your child.

We will prioritize the most important goal for your family that will make the biggest positive impact.


I will create a customized plan for you to achieve your one big goal. The plan will be easy for you to follow, and will give you the confidence to know you are taking all the right steps for your child. 

Your Personal Action Plan

You will know the exact next steps you need to make your goal happen. Your goals could be:

  • Academic

  • Behavioral

  • Social  

  • Family-related goals


For example, if you want to improve your child’s reading ability, you’ll get step-by-step activities at home to boost your child’s reading.


Or, if you want to stop your kids from fighting all the time, you’ll get strategies and games you can play together to teach your kids cooperation skills.


What does this mean for you? No more chaos, overwhelm, or infinite to do list.

Email Support

You and I will have one weekly email conversation during the month about how your personal action plan is going.

You’ll ask questions you come across, and I’ll provide additional support so you can achieve your goal.

Access to Resource Guides

You will get access to personalized resource guides that I have created exclusively for parents who work with me.

30-Day One-on-One Follow-Up

We'll hop on one more phone call for 30 minutes to see how the plan has worked for you. I want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident moving forward.

You'll get recommendations to keep the progress going, and possible next steps if you are ready. 

This is not just about finding a "quick solution," it's about creating a framework and taking proven action steps that is fulfilling to you as a parent, AND helps your child find success

in life. 


You are already a great parent, let me help you find the steps and put into motion

the results you want for your child. 

See Results in 30-days.

Your investment: $297

If you are ready, click "Let's Get Started" to begin the process. You can start the program anytime you’re ready.


Feeling unsure? Email me to set up a No-Obligation, 100% FREE, No-Commitment

20-minute consultation to see if Special Learning Teacher can help your family. Click Here.



            Need more in-depth help? Take a look at the 3-Month In-Depth Action Plan option

Some answers to questions you might have...

Q: How are you different from an advocate?



Hiring an advocate can be expensive. You may be fortunate enough to live in an area that offers free advocate services. And by all means, if you need an advocate, please seek one out.


Advocates are there to help you when you feel like your child’s rights are being violated, at which point, please seek out an advocate as soon as possible.


I’m here because I want to help you prevent those situations. As a teacher, I firmly believe the IEP process is well designed to facilitate collaboration between teachers and parents.


When you show up with an advocate, the teachers and administrators will get defensive. And the thing is, when a school gets defensive, you end up having to "fight" for everything you want. Feelings of cooperation can go by the wayside, and each negotiation can feel like a war of attrition.


Which is precisely what I DON'T want for you.

What I do is show you how to communicate more smoothly and effectively with the school, so you can get the school to cooperate with you. (And secure the support and accommodations appropriate for your child.)


What I can help you do, is set up a program at home to meet your child’s educational and behavioral needs so you can continue seeing progress outside of school. My expertise and experience extends beyond IEPs. Every day I create an support the learning and behavioral needs of kids with ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism and giftedness/twice exceptional. I also offer support for parents who are homeschooling with teaching techniques, curriculum support and supplemental tutoring.

I can teach you the strategies and steps that I take to deal with defiance, learned helplessness, social issues, attention issues, and learning difficulties so you can spend less time arguing and more time creating results like improved report cards. 


Q: How on earth can you help me online?



I'll work with you just same way I would help you if we were to meet in person. We'll talk over Skype, I ask you targeted questions, we brainstorm solutions that would work for your family, and I show you how to implement an action plan that will work for YOUR child.


It’s not very different than if we were working together in person. First, we'll sit down for our 30-minute initial consultation. During that time, I’ll ask you various questions to help me get a sense of your difficulties and your goals. Next, we’ll brainstorm some strategies that are custom-tailored to your family's unique needs.


From there, we have schedule calls and emails to coach you through the strategies and techniques you’ll need to meet your goals. I’ll give you the tools and resources you need to be successful and I will help you tweak and refine your approach along the way, so you can be sure to see the results you want.


Q: What is an Action Plan?



I’m glad you asked that. An Action Plan is a step-by-step guide walking you through the steps of your customized intervention.

It includes data collection sheets to make sure that you are getting the results you are looking for. 


Here are some example Action Plans we can work on:  

  • Increase the amount of homework your child can complete by themselves (without fighting!)

  • Stop the constant fighting between siblings (get them to start cooperating with each other --- more peace of mind for you!)

  • Decrease tantrums! We'll put structures in place at home to decrease chaos and end the constant complaining.

  • Create better study habits so your child can be an independent learner and have more confidence in their abilities to problem solve.


Q: What kind of results can I expect by working online?



Ever heard of the phrase: "Give a man a fish - Feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish - Feed him for a lifetime"?

Our work together is similar to that. I want to give YOU the tools of the trade so you have the ability to be your own problem solver, without requiring professional assistance to meet your child's needs. In my experience, I've seen parents effectively implement high-quality interventions with lasting results after just a few weeks of my training. 


From the very start, I’ll ask you what goals you want to have. I will work with you to get the results that you are looking for. Some examples include:

  • Improved grades in Math and English by increasing problem solving skills

  • Much less time spent arguing with your child and enforcing rules because of successful systems in place reducing overall stress and anxiety.

  • Help your child make and keep friends by teaching them skills like cooperation, sharing and being a "good sport."


You’ll get 1-on-1 Skype sessions with me, email support, and access to exclusive resource guides and checklists that I make exclusive for parents I work with. All this will mean more peace of mind for you, less chaos, more confidence as an authority figure for your child, and less stress and anxiety. 

By knowing exactly what you need to do each day to maintain structure, you'll see sustained benefits long after our session is over. 


Q: Why are you working with the parent and not the child?



Think about it. If I were to work with your child, we would be able to squeeze in one, maybe two hours a week. Now estimate how many hours you spend with your child. Imagine if you were able to employ highly effective strategies throughout the course of your daily interactions. How much more support is your child going to get through a parent-delivered model? Ah-ha!


See Results in 30-days.

Your investment: $297

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