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Welcome - I'm James Street, the Special Learning Teacher, 

and I champion parents to trust their intuition and

support their children with special needs.

In other words, I help parents help their children. 


Remember, your child is brimming with potential.


With advice-filled blog posts, no-nonsense simple 

workbooks, and a unique approach to advocacy, I'm here

to teach you how to be an ally for your child with

special needs - while making it feel like

the easiest part of your day.


Here’s to happy learning!

New? Get started here!

Special Learning Teacher Manifesto Your child is brimming with potential, learning disability
Special Learning Teacher Praise and Testimonial
special learning teacher blog

Need help? 

special learning teacher IEP guidebook
special learning teacher work with me

Free resources to have a

Slam-Dunk IEP Meeting

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