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Helping YOU Help Your Child

You're a mom with a lot on her plate.

You speak an entirely different language than other moms. IEP, OT, IDEA, LRE anyone?

You have big dreams for your child, but you aren’t sure how to make it happen.

You have a mile-long 'to-do' list and yet you wonder... "Am I doing enough?"

You are doing everything you can, but just can't shake that feeling like... "I should be doing more." 

You have too many assessments, accommodations, services and professionals telling you what could go wrong.


You know your child is brimming with potential.

You’re looking for help in understanding all the lingo, test results, teachers, next steps, and making it all happen.


You have tons of questions and concerns about your child.

You wish you knew exactly what you can do everyday to fast-track results and success for your awesome child. 


That's where Special Learning Teacher can help 

Who Is It For?

For parents of children grades K-8 with (or without) a diagnosis of ADHD, SLD, Autism, Giftedness and children

who are Twice Exceptional


I will work directly with YOU on any concerns including:


  • Social

  • Family-Related



  • Academic

  • Behavioral


What will I get?

You will learn the EXACT techniques and strategies that educational professionals use to teach children with             disabilities.


You will discover the tools to RESCUE your child's slipping grages. You'll know just what to say and do to encourage positive behaviors. 


You will spend less time arguing, punishing, and pleading. Best of all, you'll have more free time to do what you do best: Being your child's favorite mom.


YOU will have the tools and the confidence to help your child succeed.

My goal is to give you enough strategies in your arsenal so that you don't have to work with my anymore. 


I will work directly with parents (yup, that's you!) to give YOU the tools of the trade so you have the ability to be your own problem solver, without requiring professional assistance to meet your child's needs. In my experience, I've seen parents effectively implement high-quality interventions with lasting results after just a few weeks of my training. 


From the very start, I’ll ask you what goals you want to have. I will work with you to get the results that you are looking for. Some examples include:

  • Improved grades in Math and English by increasing problem solving skills

  • Much less time spent arguing with your child and enforcing rules because of successful systems in place reducing overall stress and anxiety.

  • Help your child make and keep friends by teaching them skills like cooperation, sharing and being a "good sport."


You’ll get 1-on-1 Skype sessions with me, email support, and access to exclusive resource guides and checklists that I make exclusive for parents I work with. 



All this will mean more peace of mind for you, less chaos, more confidence as an authority figure for your child, and less stress and anxiety. And we can do this in 1 or 3 months. Yes you can. 


By knowing exactly what you need to do each day to maintain structure, you'll see sustained benefits long after our session is over. YOU will have the tools necessary to confidently help your child flourish to their full potential. YOU will have the knowledge the professionals have to swiftly deal with issues as they arise. 



Ready to get started?


Choose from One- on- One Session Options 


one on one session options

One-Month Intensive


Set ONE high priority goal and achieve it in 30 days.



3-Month Deep Dive Program


We'll tackle THREE primary concerns with a detailed weekly action plan. You'll know EXACTLY what you need to do every day to create progress for your child.

30 min chat
Schedule a 30-min phone call with the Special Learning Teacher



Before our scheduled talk, please email me what you want to discuss. Be as specific as possible, so we can make the most of our time together. 


Each 30- minute phone call consultation is $24.99. 


We can cover IEP, tests, assessments, homework, study habits, sibling related issues, parent education.... anything that is on your mind!

If you need a third-party opinion, a burning question, or anything else, give me a call.  


*For longer calls, please email me and we can definitely make that happen. 




Click Here and let's start talking!

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